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Amore maneggiare con cura is a Wedding Event Design agency experienced in planning and organizing weddings. It is also a creative laboratory where any project can be realized.

Amore maneggiare con cura comes from the need to transfer a passion into a job and to find the perfect combination of lightness and substance which has been achieved thanks to the interaction between Paola and Cristina. Colleagues, friends and both wedding planners: Paola, elegant and delicate, but ready for everything, a problem solver able to fix also the more unexpected issues; Cristina, resolute and with a great sense of "unusual" beauty.

Natural creativity and deep in-depth preparation impress themselves blend so gently in their job in which you can find the beauty in the most unexpected details.
An important role is that of "I GIARDINI DEL SOLE": the harmony created in several years working together made their collaboration with them an essential factor. In other words; as they were part of a family!
Every marriage is the result of a careful design and a unique vision, thanks to the professional, coordinated and creative resourceful staff.