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The organization of marriage requires a lot of care, work and time. Relying in wedding planner is a conscious choice, NOT A LUXURY, a means to gain access to the tradition, the innovations and the countless ways to achieve what was expected. Each couple has its own soul, we will grasp the essence and we will make your marriage unique and unforgettable. Besides, if that's not enough, we also manage the thankless task of negotiations with suppliers: our professional contracting ability will definitely make you get fair prices and, why not, some privileges. Our aim is optimize results. We offer you our complete consultancy starting from the location's and suppliers' research to the creative flower design and the wedding coordination. Let enjoy your romantic moment, we will take care of the rest


If a perfect organization determines the success of the event, the aspect that will certainly last more in the memory of your guests will be the uniqueness of the set up. That’s the most creative and funny part of our job. Designers, set designers, flower designers and graphic artists will create all those details necessary to make the final result reflect your personalities. Manuela with her "rare" sensibility to communicate through flowers will win you over; her work is a constant WORK IN PROGRESS... a nostalgic view in the past embraces harmoniously the research for "gentle" contemporanity. She works with the “Giardini Del Sole” and they all have been involved in landscaping and wedding design for a long time and we are proud of having the opportunity to work exclusively with her. Since years, we work together as a great staff. So, if you are trying to plan your wedding by yourself but you don’t have any idea of how to create atmosphere, set up and so on, then you are looking for our great creative family.


Have you already planned everything and the big day approaches? Do you have the feeling of having forgotten something? Probably not. What you need is the "last minute" coordination. Actually, all the decisions and whatever have been discussed for months, culminated in a single day. That’s why, after a careful organization comes a careful coordination to get stuck in properly. Rely in us will let you avoid to delegate your mother, aunt or sister to manage all those details that won’t let them enjoy your wedding as they are supposed to. RITE: WHO IS SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT? TIMELINE, LIST OR SET UP WON’T BE YOUR MATTER. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK US HOW WE CAN ASSIST YOU